PARt 5

Nov' 2017

The 5th Condition  

'So pause and just breathe in this place'

Condition5 - Integration with the breath.

Creating the Condition  that allows the body to release all around the joints and spine into a supported relationship with all space.

Q: So I have been practicing releasing into all  relationships to Earth, creating Space, and gathering back through my bones joints an spine to my Centre,  and developing  natural  responses that accompany the rhythmic release of the tension and the breath  ... As a result I am gathering in to open out, and I am opening out to gather in, and my body is changing, but it  still feels like intense work - how can I rest in a posture without 'holding'

A: You trust the  second wave - the  released arrival of the breath - as if it arrives in the space all around to give you support  you can rest into. 

Verse 5:

  1. "So Pause, take a moment

  2.  just Breathe in this place

  3. Support is all around you

  4. from all directions in space

  5. You need only breathe what you do

  6.  to receive all you need, from this divine omnivalent embrace"

Part 5 Relationships investigated:

Investigating and becoming familiar with the role of RHYTHMIC RELEASED ARRIVAL of the BREATH.

Specific structures explored: 'Elbows & Knees, Centre of the Lumbar spine, Centre of the Neck/Throat. (All the 'bending' articulations)

Revisit of all previous relationships:

1. (touch & support)

  • " From the use of the hands, through breathing and release to the base.

  • From the use of the feet through  breathing and release  through the head into space"

2. (space)

  • Between the wings & eyes 

  • Between base of the spine & the thighs
           Become WIDE.

  • Then (1) Hands through breathing to the Base, Feet through the Crown and out into Space.

    If you keep #2 relationships (Wide) as you release the breath, you will discover....

 3.(find the centre)

  • 'Gathering the space in the belly up and away from the legs... 

  • Gathering the ribs down and away from the wings/arms..

  • Then (1)  Hands through breathing/centre to the Base, Feet through the Crown and out into space.

4.(rhythmic practice with the release of the breath)

  • 'Using the wings to gather the belly space up away from the legs... 

  • Using the thighs to gather the ribs down away from the wings...

  • Rhythmically releasing the breath towards the centre back from the use of the wings & thighs

  • Rhythmically releasing outwards  through touch and into space

Exploring part 5 relationships:

  • Letting go to receive the breath all around the knees/centre of the lumbar spine (=out thru the feet/back  thru the centre)

  • Letting go to receive the breath all around the elbows/centre of the neck (=out thru the hands and back thru centre)

  • Finding the Pulsed ARRIVAL of the breath.(PAUSE)

  • Following the continuing Pulsed Release of the breath.

Part 5
Practices & Postures:


  • Retention breath - kumbakha - in rhythmic application to Creating the Conditions:

  • Sitkari (Breath of Love). Retaining the breath between elbows and throat.

  • Plavini. Retaining the breath between knees and centre of the lumbar spine/navel.

  • Ujayii - Releasing the breath to the centre of the spine resonating in the throat (or the 'kari' of Sitkari)

  • Kapalabhati/Firebreath/Bhastrika/Uddiyana Bandha  - Releasing the breath to the centre of the spine with  core responsive support.


  • Standing (tadasana)

  • Standing backbend (anuvitasana)

  • Forward bend (uttanasana)

  • Warrior 1 (virabhadrasana)

  • Triangle (trikonasana)

  • Reverse Triangle (parvrtta trikonasana)

  • Spinal rolling and Shoulder stand (salambha sarvangasana) 

  • Leg/Hip opening movements (padangustasana variations)

  • Mahapranayamasana© (the Acquaviva root practice)

  • Bridge/Wheel

  • Dog 

  • Dolphin