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Series 4 - The PRACTICE
Discovering and following your flow
(Jan-June 2018) 
UK South 


Jan 2018

The 1st Condition  

'Fundamental principles of practice'
Saturday:  Pete Blackaby: 

" What are we doing? "   A humanistic inquiry"

Sunday: Marc J Acquaviva:

"What is Yoga?"  Original Principles applied directly to practice


FEB 2018

The 2nd Condition  

"Creating  Space in your body and in your life. ''

Saturday:  A review of the (e)quality of  our touch - noticing how and where this creates internal 'space'.  

Sunday: Working directly with 'Creating Space' internally from the 3-point touch of the feet.  Engaging directly with space as a surface of support.


March 2018

The 3rd Condition  

"Bringing yourself back to your  Centre, your core, your spine, your Heart. ''

Saturday:  A review of where 'the space' within the body we are trying to develop is, and how to use our 3-point touch to create it in specific joints/areas of the body.  Followed by an introduction to the #3 theme: BRINGING THE SPINE AND TOUCH TOGETHER through the body.

Sunday: 'Gathering together' - a way of finding support from the hands and feet that brings the primary curves of the spine closer to the central axis of movement and breathing.


APRIL 2018

The 4th Condition  

"The Practice - Discovering and following the  natural Rhythm - the Pulse - the Wave - the Flow"

Saturday:  A review of application of all of the first 3 Conditions to WHATEVER you are doing/practicing.  An introduction to engaging with Creating these Conditions in a natural, rhythmic kind of way.

Sunday: Developing an expanded recognition of the features of this rhythmic application:...

1. In relationship to and from all directions of touch 
2. and space 

3. Gathering in to open out, opening out to gather in.
4. Releasing into movement/support  with the breath, expressing from the centre, directly from Touch THROUGH Space (through fingers and toes)


MAY 2018

The 5th Condition  

"Just take a moment - Pause, and Breathe in this place" - Discovering and following the  potential to 'float'

Saturday:  A review of application of all of the Conditions so far in practice, and introducing PAUSE & FLOAT 

Sunday: Developing an expanded recognition of the features of this  removal of resistance to the breath, by 'floating' all around... 
1. Elbows & knees

2. Throat/neck & lumbars/waist

3. Root & Crown....
4. To release into whatever we wish to move into

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