September - December 2018 -  
Series 5
Creating the Conditions that allow us to 'float'


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Series 5
 Part 1

Brighton-Sept 15/16 2018

Edin - Sept 22/23 2018

1:  Make touch equally light

  • Mahapranayamasana

  • Dog pose

  • Elbow Dog

  • Face up dog

  • Standing postures & balances

  • forward  bend

  • Sun salute elements

Relationship between the spine and touch.

 Series 5
 Part 2

Brighton- Oct 13/14  2018

Edinburgh- Oct 21/22  2018

2:  Finding support from space

  • Mahapranayamasana

  • Elbow Dog

  • Dog

  • Cobra

  • Headstand

  • Triangle base postures

Elbows, Knees and the spine behind the heart

 Series 5 

Part 3

Edinburgh- Nov 10/11  2018

Videos didn't record for Sat in Edinburg - Apologies! Watch Brighton instead for Saturday's content.  (And I did some new stuff in Edinburgh for Brightoners that want more content)

3: the solution - collecting yourself together - to bring the spine closer to your interactions with touch and space. 

  • Mahapranayamasana

  • Bridge

  • Side bend variations

  • Cat variations

  • Dog

  • Triangle base postures

  • Sitting postures

​The RIBS & the diaphragmatic space inside them.

 Series 5 

Part 4

4:  the PRACTICE - naturalising all that we learn and do by associating it with a release of tensions and a release of breath.

  • A review of all relationships covered on the course



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