PARt 4

OCT' 2017

The 4th Condition  

'So just let go, with the breath, so the pulse can start'

Condition 4 - The Condition of rhythmic practice - noticing and accompanying the rhythms of nature. The Niyama... doing what you need to do regularly, over and over again (to quieten the mind and refine practice).

Creating the Conditions that naturalize all yogic practices/desired relationships (and all 'features' of practice)

Q: So becoming quiet and present to my equality of touch, creating inner space  from my relationships to space, and gathering myself together towards my centre, all help my body, and are all things that I can DO when I am paying enough attention.  But in daily life I simply don't have the headspace or time to  keep my attention on  all these things -  so how do I integrate this in life ?

A: You just practice - and you keep practicing, BUT with the baseline awareness that everything that you want to happen, CAN happen through a release of  tension and  control.   This is the aim, the goal, so this is what needs to be practiced
And  as we generally release tension when we let the breath go, it is a good idea to begin by developing the relationships/conditions that we are wanting to create, rhythmically, and  following/in the wake of, the release of the breath.   This way, our nervous systems gradually learn to associate the act of  'letting go of tension' with responses that give us freedom, support  and ultimately health and everything else we are striving for.

Verse 4:

  1. "So Just Let Go with the breath 

  2. So the Pulse can start:

  3. The Big Bang -

  4. The Wave -

  5. The Dance that begins...

  6.  ...each time you drop weight from the Heart. "

Verse 4:

  1. "So Just Let Go with the breath 

  2. So the Pulse can start:

  3. The Big Bang -

  4. The Wave -

  5. The Dance that begins...

  6.  ...each time you drop weight from the Heart. "


Part 4 Relationships investigated:

Investigating and becoming familiar with the role of RHYTHMIC RELEASE in the development of beneficial relationships/the conditions that lead to 'the yoga'.  
Specific structure explored: 'The Wings'  Shoulder girdle/upper arms in relationship to head and ribs)

Finding the rhythm of part 1 relationships:

  • " From the use of the hands, through breathing and release to the base/feet. 

  • From the use of the feet through  breathing and release  to the head/space"

Finding the rhythm of part 2 relationships:

  • "From the use of the elbows in space to the back of the head (top of the spine - widen) through breathing - staying with these relationships as you release the breath.   Give the ribs' response  to the release of the breath to the  the hands (and from hands through to base). 

  • " From the use of the knees in space to the space between the thighs (base of the spine - widen) through breathing - stay with these relationships as you release the breath : Give the core's repsonse to the release of the breath to the feet (through the head)

Finding the rhythm of part 3 relationships:

  • 'Gathering the space in the belly up and away from the legs... using the wings and hands

  • Gathering the ribs down and away from the wings/arms... using the legs and feet

  • Releasing the breath towards the centre (solar plexus) back from the elbows/knees/limbs/touch ....

Exploring part 4 relationships:

  • .... to release the spine (behind the heart) INTO the touch/hands and feet (from the elbows/knees/limbs)

  • and express OUTWARDS from the touch, all directions in space through the hands, feet, fingers and toes.  (The intention is to create the condition that the expression of the release of the breath 'out from the touch through the fingers and toes', becomes enough to support ALL beneficial relationships between spine and touch that have been created/developed... rhythmic repetition is used to refine the precision of expression - like learning to bounce a ball)

Part 4
Practices & Postures:


  • All pranayamas so far in rhythmic application to Creating the Conditions:

  • Sitkari (Breath of Love). Practice  this whenever you need to awaken positivity, choice  and heart-centerness.

  • KapalaBhati (shining skull Kriya/cleansing pratice)... Practice this whenever the mind needs calming or the body needs grounding (whenever you're not feeling supported)

  • Uddiyana Bhanda (upward flying) & Bhastrika (bellows breath) Practice this whenever you feel 'weak', or you feel 'heavy hearted'.

  • Fire breath (like bhastika but lower belly) & Mula Bhanda (lower belly/root smile). Practice this  whenever you need creative  fire/drive.


  • Mahapranayamasana©

  • Bridge/Wheel

  • Dog 

  • Dolphin

  • Standing

  • Forward bend

  • Triangle

  • Shoulder stand 

  • Leg/Hip opening movements.