PARt 2

MAY 2017

The 2nd Condition  

'Make Space'

Condition 2:

Shedding light upon...Creating the Conditions that allow space for change

Q: So I have become Quiet and present, And I have  a particular difficulty when I practice.  How do I change things? What will lead to the experience I am looking for?

A: From this place of compassionate presence and evenness of support from contact, become aware that all 'things' experienced can be defined as a relationship between other things (where parts of you are in space relative to each other). 
EXPERIMENT!  Explore how you relate things to each other in space, explore how you engage directly with space, to allow enough space within for those things to relate differently to each other - with less conflict, with more confluence and compliance...

Verse 2:

  1. "So from this quiet space Release wide...

  2.  Make  Space.

  3. Meet the space behind, from  either side.

  4. Explore all directions out from your centre, 

  5. From all around, the breath can enter

  6. Then Open the Heart, and you'll meet space Above,  from the Touch below"

Part 2 Relationships investigated:

Investigating our relationships to the space we occupy to find support from our surfaces through breathing and release.  (outward response-ability)


  1. Between the elbows and the back of the head in space (widening) through breathing ['Seet']

  2. Stay in this relationship for the release of the breath ('Kaaa' - should bring you back to the core and the spine from the use of the elbows)

  3. Use of the hands thru ribs to feet (with direct suppport along the inside of the spine  ['Rii'] )


  1. Between the knees and the base of the spine in space (widening) through breathing (as above)

  2. Stay in this relationship for the release of the breath (again as above - should bring you back to the core and spine from the use of the knees -Direct practice of this exhale is something like Kapalabhati)

  3. Using the feet directly to support back and up directly up along the front of the spine & out through the head.

Part 2 Practices & Postures:


  • Sitkari (Breath of Love)... Practice this regularly

  • KapalaBhati (shining skull Kriya/cleansing pratice)... Practice this regularly.

  • Dog 

  • Dolphin

  • Bridge/Wheel

  • Headstand

  • Standing

  • Forward bend

  • Sun salute elements

  • King pigeon

  • Crow/Handstand

  • Reclining twist (London)

'Meeting points' along the front of the spine -

  • Junction/relationship betweeen Root and Sacral plexus (sacro-coccygeal joint)

  • Junction/relationship between Sacral plexus and Solar plexus (behind the navel L3/4)

  • Inquiring into the physiological positioning of the Chakras/breathing spaces (and the junctions between them in relationship to touch and space)

Introducing "through the bones and joints" ... a #3, #4 practice